20kV户外环网柜 XGWF系列


Brief introduction to the products


Brief introduction to the products

随着社 会的不断发展进步,我国城 市电网发生了巨大的变化,大多数 城市已经形成或正在形成众多的用电负荷密集区。过去那种从变电站20kV线路(或分支线路)到直接 用户的供电方式已经难以满足城市发展的要求。因而产 生了一种新的供电方式--通过开 闭所向用户供电。但是随 着城市密集化程度的加剧,原有的 一些土建型开闭所已受到土地和城市规划的限制,因此出 现了一种更加先进、实用的配电设备--户外小 型智能化开闭所(户外环网柜)。此开闭 所无需土建而且占地面积小,配置非常灵活。供电方式更加可靠.建设安装、调试时间大为缩短,总体造价降低。
随着现代工业的发展,对电气 设备控制自动化和智能化程度越来越高,利用现代电子技术、传感器技术、通讯技术、计算机及网络技术,将电力 设备在正常及事故情况下的监测、保护、控制、计量等集成化,达到良好的管理,已成为 一种必然趋势和发展方向。
智能化小型开闭所(户外环网柜)是采用 借鉴欧洲的开闭所方案,将20kV开关柜、断路器、负荷开关、电流CT、电压互感器PT、开闭所FTU、RTU、通信控制终端(CCU、20kV计量及自动抄表、UPS电源及 指示仪表等安装调试好装入一个可移动、密封、防潮的不锈钢箱体内。从而实 现了城市配电网中一、二次系统的集成化、装配的模块化。缩短了建设周期,大大地 提高了城市电网运行的可靠性。

With the continuous development of the social progress, China's urban power grid has changed dramatically.  Most cities have formed or are forming a large number of electricity load-up areas. Past 10kV line from the substation (or branch line) to the direct  user's power supply has been difficult to meet the requirements of urban development, which resulted in a new form of power supply - through the switching substation to supply the users with power. However, with the degree of urban density increases, the original construction of the switching substation is limited by the land and the urban planning, therefore a more advanced and practical power distribution equipment - small-scale outdoor intelligent switching substation (outdoor ring cabinets) appeares. This intelligent switching substation without construction covers only a small area with a very flexible configuration. The power supply is more reliable. The time for installation and debugging is greatly shortened to reduce the overall cost.
With the development of modern industry, the requirements for automation and intelligence computerization of the electrical equipment are becoming higher and higher.  The utilization of the technology of modern electronic, sensor, communications or computer and network to make the mornitoring, protection, control or measurement under the normal or accident conditions of the electrical equipment for better management into the status of integration has become an inevitable trend and direction of development.
The intelligent small substation (outdoor ring cabinet) is designed on the basis of European substation programs, which installs the 10kV switchgear, circuit breakers, load switches, current CT, voltage transformer PT, substation FTU, RTU and communication control terminal (CCU, 10kV metering, automatic copy table, UPS power supply and the indicators) in a movable sealed anti-moisture stainless steel tank to realize the integration of the primary and secondary system and the modularization of the assembly. The construction period is shortened. The reliability of the urban power grid operation is greatly enhanced.

Product Structure


Conditions of Use

※ 使用场所:户外

※ 适应环境温度:-35℃~+55℃

※ 最高日平均气温+40℃,最高年平均气温+35℃

※ 风速:不大于35米/秒

※ 空气相对湿度:≤90%(+25℃)

※ 地面倾斜度≤5°

※ 地震耐受能力:地震烈度不超过8度

※ 安装地点无火灾、爆炸危险、化学性 腐蚀及剧烈振动

Place of Installation: Outdoor

Ambient Temperature: -35 ℃ ~ +55 ℃

Average Maximum Daily Temperature +40℃, Average Maximum Yearly Temperature +35℃

Wind Speed: ≤ 35 m/s

Relative Air Humidity: ≤90%(+25℃)

Gradient of the Ground ≤5°

Earthquake Tolerance: Seismic Intensity ≤ VIII

The site without fire hazard, explosion, severe contamination, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

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