10kV固体环网柜 hearymax系列


Brief introduction to the products

由于SF6的温室效应是CO2的23000倍被联 合国气候公约和京都意见书明确限制。2010年6月国家 电网公司发布智能电网设备系统研制规划,明确二 次配电设备研制环保、免维护等方向与计划,2012年3月2日国家电网正式发布《12kV固体绝 缘环网柜技术条件》Q/GDW-730-2012企业标准。2013年1月国网 公司在配电农网协议库存招标中第一次批量采用固体绝缘环网开关柜。2013年7月31日国务 院总理李克强主持召开国务院常务会议确定“加强城市配电网建设,推进电 网智能化是城市基础建设六项重点任务之一”,2013年11月国家 电网公司召开配网标准化典型设计会议,明确加 大固体绝缘环网柜推广力度,增加固 体绝缘环网柜典设方案。因此2013年是固 体绝缘环网柜大规模走向中国市场的原年。

Since the greenhouse effect of SF6 is 23,000 times that of CO2, it is explicitly limited by the United Nations Climate Convention and the Kyoto Opinion. In June 2010, the State Grid Corporation of China issued a plan for the development of smart grid equipment systems. It clearly defined the direction and plan for the development of the secondary power distribution equipment, such as environmental protection and maintenance-free. On March 2, 2012, State Grid officially released "12kV Solid Insulated Ring Main Units "Q / GDW-730-2012 enterprise standards. January 2013 State Grid Corporation in the distribution network of agricultural inventory agreement for the first batch of bulk use of solid insulation ring switchgear ,. July 31, 2013 Chinese Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting to determine "to strengthen the urban distribution network construction, and promote intelligent power grid is one of the six key tasks of urban infrastructure," in November 2013 the State Grid Corporation of distribution network standardization Typical design meeting, explicitly increase the solid insulation ring network cabinet promotion efforts to increase the solid insulation ring network cabinet set up programs. So 2013 is solid insulated ring counter large-scale to the Chinese market in the original year.

Product dvantages

公司研制的hearymax-12系列紧 凑型固体绝缘开关设备是新一代小型化、可扩展、免维护、环保型 金属封闭开关设备,其主要 特征是主回路采用三相纵向布署,将三工 位隔离开关和固封真空断路器功能组合在一起。此设备广泛应用于3~12kV三相交流50Hz 电力系统中,适用于箱式变电站、环网配电系统中,也是二次配电KYN28A及SF6环网柜理想替代产品。hearymax-12系列紧 凑型固体绝缘开关设备有如下优点:

1.上进上出无需电缆沟,可安装 在椄层高层中间变电所

2.可视端口,清晰可 见安全指示开关位置,


4.hearymax-12系列开 关柜参数目前可达1250A 分断能力31.5kA。

可替代大部分SF6半绝缘开关柜以及KYN28A-12终端用户市场,实践是 检验真理的试金石,通过在 国内省市重要项目的批量应用,充分证明hearymax-12系列紧 凑型固体绝缘开关设备具有安全、智能、灵活、环保、抗恶劣环境、免维护等性能优势,从而其 盈得了更多用户的青睐。在未来 恒炫确定了领导绿色能源产业,打造恒 炫国际品牌的宏伟远景。积积做 好前景性技术储备,将真空 灭弧与环氧固封两大技术完美的融合并不断升化,铸就固 体绝缘真空灭弧环网柜国内首创,国际领先的行业地位,将依托 性能卓越的产品,立体通畅的渠道,灵活应 便的战略等综合优势,继续引 导中国二次配电的新时代。

Developed by the company hearymax-12 series of compact solid insulation switchgear is a new generation of small, scalable, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly metal-enclosed switchgear, the main feature is the main circuit using three-phase longitudinal deployment, the three- Switch and solid sealing vacuum circuit breaker function together. This equipment is widely used in 3 ~ 12kV three-phase AC 50Hz power system, suitable for box-type substation, ring network distribution system, but also secondary distribution KYN28A and SF6 ring counter ideal replacement. Hearymax-12 series of compact solid insulation switching equipment has the following advantages:

1. Up and out without the need for cable trench, can be installed in the middle layer of high-rise transformer substation

2. Visual port, clearly visible Safety switch position,

3. Fixed installation maintenance-free, small footprint,

4.hearymax-12 series switchgear parameters are currently up to 1250A breaking capacity of 31.5kA.

Can replace most of the SF6 semi-insulated switchgear and KYN28A-12 end-user market, practice is the touchstone of the test of truth, through the domestic provinces and cities in the bulk application of important projects, fully proved hearymax-12 series of compact solid insulation switchgear with safe, Intelligent, flexible, environmental protection, anti-harsh environment, maintenance-free, and other performance advantages, and its surplus was more users of all ages. In the future to determine the leadership of Hang-hyun green energy industry, to create the grand Hyun-hyun international brand vision. The accumulation of good prospects for technical reserves, the vacuum interrupter and epoxy solid seal two perfect integration of technology and continuous improvement, cast solid insulation vacuum interrupter ring cabinet domestic initiative, the international leading industry position, will rely on performance Excellent products, three-dimensional smooth channels, flexible strategy should be comprehensive advantages, and continue to guide China's new era of secondary distribution.

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