10kV电力变压器 S13-M系列


Brief introduction to the products

S13系列节 能变压器在任一分接下,能持续承受3S时间的 外部短路耐热能力的电流,并且其 绕组温度不超过250℃。变压器 承受短路的动稳定能力:变压器在任一分接下,都能承受住国家标准GBl094.5所规定 的短路试验电流值不损坏或位移。

S13 series of energy-saving transformers in any tap, can continue to withstand 3S time of the external short-circuit heat-resistant capacity of the current, and its winding temperature does not exceed 250 ℃. Transformer withstand short-circuit dynamic stability: the transformer in any tap, can withstand the national standard GBl094.5 provided by the short-circuit test current value does not damage.

Product Structure

(a)铁心:为改善铁心性能,选用武 钢生产的高导磁低损耗冷轧硅钢带,整个铁 心组件均衡严紧,不会由 于运输和运行中的振动而松动。

(b)S13系列节能变压器绕组:同一电 压等级的绕组采用同一厂家、同一批次的优质导线。绕组设 计使电流和温度沿绕组均匀分布,并使绕 组在全波和截波冲击试验时得到最佳的电压分布。绕组能承受短路、过载和 过电压而不发生局部过热,绕组和 引线绑扎得足够牢固,组成一个钢体,以防止由于运输、振动和运行中短路时,产生相对位移。消除绕 组中的电场集中,局部放 电保持在最低限度。

(c)油箱:变压器 油箱结构型式为全密封波纹式油箱,变压器不带小车,颜色为红狮501。(d)套管:变压器高、低压选 用纯瓷套管套管的安装位置和相互位置距离便于接线,而且其 带电部分之空气间隙,能满足GB10237的要求。 


(f)S13系列节 能变压器具有承受变压器总重的起吊装置。

(g)S13系列节 能变压器铁芯和较大金属结构零件均通过油箱可靠接地。在接地 处有明显的接地符号或“接地”字样。

(h)变压器 的结构在经过正常的公路运输后内部结构相互位置不变,紧固件不松动。变压器 组件的结构及布置位置不妨碍吊装、运输及 运输中的紧固定位。

(i)油漆和 防锈变压器油箱内外及附件除有色金属和镀锌铁件外,所有金 属件均除锈喷漆,油漆均 喷成灰色且具有自防污能力,并采取 措施防止运输和吊装中漆层剥落与变质。

(A) Iron core: In order to improve the core performance, use of high-magnetic low-loss cold-rolled silicon steel strip produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel, the entire core components are tight and tight, will not be due to transportation and operation of vibration and loose.

(B) S13 series of energy-saving transformer windings: the same voltage level windings using the same manufacturer, the same batch of high-quality wire. The windings are designed to distribute the current and temperature evenly along the winding and to optimize the voltage distribution of the windings during full-wave and chopping shock tests. Winding can withstand short circuit, overload and over-voltage without local overheating, winding and wire binding is strong enough to form a steel body to prevent the transport, vibration and short-circuit operation, the relative displacement. Eliminate the concentrated electric field in the winding and keep the partial discharge at a minimum.

(C) Tank: Transformer tank structure type is fully sealed corrugated tank, the transformer without a car, the color is Red Lion 501. (D) casing: transformer high and low voltage selection of pure porcelain casing casing installation location and distance from each other to facilitate wiring, and its live part of the air gap, to meet the requirements of GB10237.

(E) Transformer oil: Transformer oil is Karamay 25 mineral oil, with antioxidants, without any additives.

(F) S13 series of energy-saving transformers have to withstand the total weight of the lifting device transformer.

(G) S13 series of energy-saving transformer core and the larger metal structure parts are reliably grounded through the tank. In the ground there are obvious ground symbol or "ground" words.

(H) the structure of the transformer after the normal road transport the internal structure of the same position after each other, fasteners are not loose. The structure and arrangement of transformer components shall not hinder the fastening and positioning of hoisting, transportation and transportation.

(I) Paints and rust-proof transformers Tanks inside and outside the tank Except for non-ferrous and galvanized iron parts, all metal parts are rust-sprayed and painted with gray color and have self-antifouling capacity. Measures are taken to prevent transport and hoisting of the paint layer Peeling and deterioration.

Operating Conditions




(A) Rated frequency of the system: 50Hz

(B) The system nominal voltage: 10kV

(C) the system maximum operating voltage (Um): 11.5kV

The Main Parameters








(A) Transformer name: S13 series energy-saving transformer

(B) Number of phases: 3 phases

(C) Rated frequency: 50 Hz

(D) voltage regulation: no load regulation

(E) Cooling method: ONAN

(F) Tap range: ± 2 × 2.5%

(G) Connection group: D, yn11

Product Structure


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